For almost 200 years, sailing ships entering Beaufort Inlet and Bulkhead Channel into Taylor's Creek have viewed the Duncan House anchoring the west of the Beaufort waterfront. Built by James Davis in 1815, Davis sold the original east side in 1820 to Captain Benjamin Tucker Howland; the selling price was $1000. Twelve years later, Captain Howland, father of Elicia Howland Duncan, sold the house and his part of their business to his son-in-law Thomas Duncan IV—all for only $600. Sometime after 1832, Thomas Duncan IV added the western half of the house. The lower level was built using several ships’ masts as supporting pillars. This level was used as a ship chandlery and store, patronized by visiting ships as well as local residents; it became known as “Duncan’s Store.”

Duncan House Statement of Significance - Tony P. Wrenn

Statement of Significance
Tony P. Wrenn
Faxed 29 Feb 2012
To Travis Masters, Kyle Garner, Beth Blake and Ramona Bartos

“Attached is a statement of what I believe to be the architectural importance of the Duncan House at 105-107 Front Street which has both statewide and national importance. It anchors the Beaufort Historic District, and the value of its setting and history support its architectural importance.

I hope there are plans, whatever your finding should be in the current hearing, to insure the accomplishment of a historic structure report, including a full history, including examination of its architecture and setting, measured drawings of the structure as it now exists, architectural photographs and copies of maps, historic photographs, and other documents. These should be a part of the Historic American Buildings Survey, maintained by the Library of Congress.

Loss of the Duncan House would, I believe, be a statewide and national loss.
Should there be questions, I will do my best to provide additional data if desired.” Complete Statement...